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Black box, Grey box, White box pen testing.

Black box- No knowledge of infrastructure.
Black Box, is carried out without the knowledge of the destination network or systems. Black Box test simulates a real attack. The attacker must collect all kinds of information about the target, strengths and weaknesses, defense systems, IP addresses, users.

Gray box- Limited knowledge of infrastructure.
Gray box is based on limited knowledge.
Penetration tester may know the interactions between systems but not detailed internal software functions and operations.

White box- Collaboration with IT department.
White Box is done by the opposite method of black box testing. Penetration tester has full knowledge of network, systems and infrastructure. This information allows the penetration tester to focus on testing code and weaknesses of the systems.

Security Audit for vulnerabilities is a powerful tool for information security resource. For example, audit web site for vulnerabilities – a complex of works to identify errors in the code of the site and server software, using which attackers can attack and hack the site. As a rule, this work includes such activities as scanning the site for vulnerabilities, manual analysis of site content, search and identify errors in the logic of the script and web application components. To avoid hacking by hackers, site should be regular audits of security and to strictly follow the recommendations of experts.

Web security testing.
Application security testing.
Network penetration testing.
Operating System hardening testing.
Security systems penetration testing.
Penetration communications systems.
WI-FI security testing.
Vulnerability Assessment.

Our penetration testing team is Certified Ethical Hackers(CEH).
Penetration testing certification.

Information security is the application of administrative, physical and technical controls, to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
One of steps to ensure CIA triad we need to understand weaknesses of our system.
Penetration test help to identify vulnerabilities, remediate and mitigate security risk.